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Chinese airports rely on winter maintenance equipment by ASH Group

However, not only the growth rates but also the passenger figures are outsized, especially at Beijing International Airport. The second-largest airport in the world (for now), counting more than 86 million passengers a year, already reached its capacity limit shortly after its opening in 2008, which is why a gigantic new building has been constructed since 2011 – with a maximum capacity of 130 million passengers a year. Its opening is scheduled for 2018.

In addition to a new awareness of mobility and traffic, China is also seeing increasing requirements for efficient and sustainable technologies. “We are noticing that topics such as ‘smart airport’, automation and enhanced efficiency are increasingly gaining significance in the airport business”, says David Achermann, Area Sales Manager Asia-Pacific at Aebi Schmidt International. “Factors such as CO2 emissions or resource consumption are also becoming more and more important to Chinese airport operators. We also have the appropriate solution at hand in this area: Our green TJS (towed jet sweeper), the world’s very first ‘green jet sweeper’, which is powered by a mixture of biogas and biodiesel, also offers great potential for the future in China.”

With the sales partner HUA RUI Long-Range and the team headed by Xing Hua Zhong, customers of the ASH Group in China have a highly competent and committed representative at their disposal that not only ensures premium regional support at five locations, but can also be called on at short notice should there by any questions or need for support services. Customer service also includes annual training and instruction on the equipment before the onset of winter as well as an inspection of the machines before and after the cold season.

“In China, the Schmidt brand is synonymous with ‘best quality’ and ‘best service’. Our special equipment is now found at nearly all airports in China, which have to contend with snow and black ice due to their geographical location”, David Achermann says.

The Schmidt CJS jet sweeper model of success – used in winter service at Harbin Airport

Harbin Airport also relies on winter maintenance equipment by ASH Group. Harbin Taiping International Airport is considered an important hub for flights to Southeast Asia and North America and is one of the three busiest airports in Northeast China. Given the more than 3,200 metres of runways, taxiways and aprons, the team headed by Peng Liu, Manager Airfield Management Department, has a lot to do in winter and has had positive experiences with the Schmidt compact jet sweeper (CJS). The first one of the altogether 14 Schmidt CJS machines – among them the anniversary model, the 500th Schmidt CJS delivered in early 2015 – has been in use here since 1993. The superior performance at high driving speed and the outstanding clearing capacity have particularly convinced the crew of Harbin Airport. “We are very satisfied with the Schmidt compact jet sweepers (CJS), in terms of both handling and sweeping results”, Pen Liu says. “Moreover, the machines are extremely reliable and the service life of the cutting edges and roller brushes is long. The machine’s operation is intuitive and even new drivers quickly find their way around. The straightforward control panel features Chinese characters and internationally understood symbols. Our drivers also appreciate the high level of driving comfort. We associate maximum quality and excellent service with Schmidt equipment.”

All over the world, our customers particularly appreciate the Schmidt CJS for the combination of efficient clearing and sweeping technology as well as the high blower performance. The CJS’ brush suspension system features an optimum design, ensuring that the roller brushes always stay in contact with the ground, irrespective of the surface structure and the driving speed. The blower performance is also significantly higher than in similar vehicles of other manufacturers. The CJS impresses with innovative technology, efficiency and high clearing capacity, combined with unparalleled manoeuvrability.

We work hand-in-hand with our customers. These close customer relations, the understanding of our customers’ needs and not least our commitment in customer service have substantially contributed to the success of Aebi Schmidt’s products. We are proud of our great number of references and satisfied airport customers of all sizes throughout the globe.