State of Hesse sets on technology from Schmidt for sustainable winter service

Soon there will be winter service vehicles on the roads and will clear them from snow and spread salt – this winter in a more sustainable way in State of Hesse in Germany. “Especially when it comes to mobility, we have the environment always in view – that’s why we test a salt-saving spreading technology”, Transport Minister Tarek Al-Wazir said on Friday during a visit to the road and motorway maintenance Darmstadt. Previously on Hessian streets exclusively wet salt was used, in a mixture of 70 percent salt and 30 percent saline. In upcoming winter Hessen Mobile uses in addition a technique which only sprays atomized saline. These can be distributed easily and adheres better – and it is expected that the salt consumption can be reduced by more than a third. In clear weather conditions and light snowfall this method is to replace the existing technology. For the pilot study eight appropriately equipped vehicles with winter maintenance technology from Schmidt were purchased, these includes 5 Sprayer Straliq 12500 and 3 Straliq 7500. Furthermore, these vehicles are used with Schmidt Stratos spreaders S80 and Stratos S50.