Big performance, big impact

Schmidt Wasa 300+ towed sweeper offers persuasive choice in test of endurance

The Schmidt Wasa 300+ is a powerful towed sweeper machine with a very high level of throughput and high sweeping capacity even when there are large amounts of dirt and coarse debris. For around a year now, such a machine has been used in the Swedish city of Norrköping by Per Lack Entreprenad.  Attached to a tractor, it is used there primarily for cleaning streets in industrial areas or for preparing asphalting works. Markus Kuntze, a driver who works for Per Lack Entreprenad, is extremely satisfied with the cleaning result and was already familiar with the machine from the previous version Wasa 300. “A crucial point for us is the large capacity of the hopper at 3 m3 and the outstanding sweeping result, even with heavily polluted road surfaces and debris such as grit, branches and even cans or other trash. Compared to the previous model, we were actually able to notice an improvement here,” says Markus Kuntze. In comparison to suction sweepers, the mechanical pick-up of the debris means that the Wasa 300+ does not produce any exhaust air from a fan – this is an advantage in particular in places where there is criticism of fine particulate matter blown from a fan. The Wasa 300+ covers a sweeping width of 2.4 m. Thanks to an adjustable roller brush cover with a retraction element, a newly developed roller brush prevents roller overthrow. This means that dirt cannot be ejected backwards, but rather is transported forwards to the elevator again.

“Our drivers appreciate the flexibility of the machine and how easy it is to operate. It is extremely manoeuvrable and can be coupled on and off with ease, which means it can quickly be ready for use,” adds Markus Kuntze.

Clever technology: the Schmidt Wasa 300+

With this towed sweeper, the debris is conveyed from two side brushes to the sweeping roller at the rear of the machine and is transported from there via an elevator into the large pick-up hopper. All functions are easily operated via a clearly arranged control panel from the vehicle cabin. The Wasa 300+ was designed so that all the relevant parts are easily accessible and all necessary settings and repairs can be carried out simply.

The sweeper is driven by an environmentally friendly hydraulic system which operates silently even at full power and is suitable for operation with organic oil.

The Wasa 300+ offers other interesting options such as the high-pressure washing system, which allows for specific adjustment to cater for particular sweeping Tasks.