Aebi in tropical mission

Swiss quality is also appreciated in overseas

Terratrac, Combicut & Co are used not only in the Alps. The „Red Ferraris“ from Switzerland are also appreciated overseas. In Costa Rica they are for example as well known for their performance on slopes, the easy handling and reliability. Costa Rica means „rich shore“ in Spanish which is pretty accurate considering their coast length of 1.200km whereas 200km bordering the Caribbean Sea and 1.000 the Pacific.

The Latin American country is characterised by active volcanoes and a tropical climate reaching average temperatures of 30° Celsius in coast regions. About 35% of Costa Rica’s surface is used for agriculture. Most of them are small or medium sized businesses producing for their own use.

Aebi Costa Rica_2

Stefan Ulrich from Pilatus SA in San Jose is Aebi dealer for many years now. “The Aebi machines are mainly used for mowing – in the lowlands as well as in mountain region” Stefan Ulrich says. “A Combicut of one of our customers is daily mowing green fodder for about 60 dairy cows at nearly 3000 meters above sea level, but at the same time other customers work their machines directly at the coast at 0m. The TT220 was the first of his kind in Costa Rica. The mow-loading combination was a hit because it is extraordinary and extremely efficient. At the moment I am working on adjusting a plough on a Combicut for working on potato fields to further expand the possible application. Also currently the first CC110 arrived, I will have to pick them up at the custom control within the next days and it will then be delivered to the customer. I am convinced of the CC110 and I believe strongly that it will become a bestseller in Costa Rica.”

Aebi in tropical Mission – we wish Stefan Ulrich and his team continued success and all the best.

Aebi Costa Rica

Aebi TT 220, TP78 with LD31 and AM41 in a gorgeous setting at Lake Arenal and the Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica

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