Month: March 2016

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Innovation inside

“Innovation inside” is the theme of the Schmidt
Swingo 200+ compact sweeper. The patent-pending combination of the pressurised water recirculation system and the Koanda air circulation system, which will be presented at the IFAT 2016 for the first time, reduces the emission of harmful particulate matter by up to 95% and makes the Swingo 200+ the most environmentally friendly compact sweeper on the market.

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City. Countryside. And More.

Compact narrow-track transporter, agile fast runner and all-purpose carrier vehicle. All combined in one vehicle? Anyone who thinks this combination is impossible should take a closer look at the Aebi MT. The “Aebi MT” transporter series by Swiss traditional company Aebi meets wide-ranging requirements and, by offering the new semi-trailer option, combines the benefits of a compact transporter with the versatility of a large tractor-trailer combination.