Successful debut for Cleango 500 in Westland

“Glass city” opts for environmentally sustainable sweeping technology from Schmidt

The community of Westland in the province of South Holland, which has a population of 100,000, is also referred to as the “glass city” because it is home to the largest area of greenhouses for growing crops in the Netherlands. The region, which is dominated by horticulture, therefore attaches a great deal of importance to sustainability and environmental friendliness. This also applies to work involving maintenance of the local infrastructure. When the tender was put out for a new sweeper, the Euro6 exhaust emissions standard was therefore a criterion that had to be met. The decision to add a Schmidt Cleango sweeper to the fleet is one that Tim van der Noll, area manager for the cleaning team in the community of Westland, has not regretted. “The Cleango is our first sweeper from Schmidt. The level of scepticism in particular with regard to operating the machine with two joysticks instead of one, which was previously the case, was therefore initially high among colleagues. But thanks to a demonstration and the excellent instruction briefing given by the team from Schmidt, this scepticism quickly subsided and has in fact now turned into the opposite sentiment: the drivers now actually prefer working with the Cleango.”

The Cleango 500 offers the holding capacity of a large mounted sweeper with its large hopper of approx. 5 m³ and combines this advantage with the flexibility of a compact sweeper. A VM R756 Euro6 common rail engine delivers maximum power with 500 Nm at 1,400 rpm, a cubic capacity of 4,455 cc and 6 cylinders as well as a closed particulate filter system, while at the same time reducing particulate emissions. Thanks to the ECO-Drive function with automatic speed reduction (on transport runs down to around 1600 rpm), fuel savings of up to 20% can be achieved. In addition, in this mode the machine operates up to 3 dB(A) quieter.

The Cleango has been deployed in Westland since autumn 2015 and has already been able to demonstrate its performance capabilities. “We are very happy with the machine, it actually performs even better than expected,” says van der Noll. “The high suction power of the Cleango was really put to the test during the autumn. But the Cleango did not baulk even at large quantities of leaves, and instead completed its task superbly well.” This is not really a surprise because the Cleango boasts a high-performance suction fan with an air flow of 14,000 m³/h. Combined with a suction nozzle width of 700 mm and a large debris flap, the vehicle is also designed to pick up larger debris. The flexibly mounted, sound-proofed driver’s cabin is equipped with two seats, and comfortable all-round glazing ensures high visibility of the work and traffic area. Sliding windows on the left and the right, an ergonomic driver’s seat, heating, ventilation and an air-conditioning system, along with the height-adjustable and tilt-adjustable steering column all come as standard features.

But Tim van der Noll’s praise is not just reserved for the machine. “We have had a very good experience with the service offered by Aebi Schmidt Nederland. The colleagues who work in the service depot in Leimuiden also adapted the machine to cater for our specific wishes. They have always responded flexibly to additional requests for changes to be made, and they actively give their input too. This is a definite plus point for us.” A successful debut then for the Cleango in Westland.