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Aebi MT – The compact transporter for all those who want more, now also available with a semi-trailer.

Compact narrow-track transporter, agile fast runner and all-purpose carrier vehicle. All combined in one vehicle? Anyone who thinks this combination is impossible should take a closer look at the Aebi MT. The “Aebi MT” transporter series by Swiss traditional company Aebi meets wide-ranging requirements and, by offering the new semi-trailer option, combines the benefits of a compact transporter with the versatility of a large tractor-trailer combination.

The Aebi MT is a true quick-change artist and a crafty one. Three model variants and two different cab widths (1.60 or 1.70 m) are available. Boasting up to 115 kW (156 HP) and a 6-cylinder VM turbo diesel engine (Euro 6), the top-of-the-range model, the MT750, brings decent performance on the road. The maximum payload is 4.8 tonnes – a benefit that pays off. Coming equipped with an all-wheel drive including reducing gear and differential lock, the Aebi MT also cuts a dash in off-road terrain. A solid ladder frame made from C-channels, multiple hydraulic PTO options and high axle loads permit a great variety of demountable equipment. An ergonomically designed 3-seat or 2-seat driver’s cab ensures comfortable driving. In addition to a crane, roll-off tipper or skip loader for transport operations, the Aebi MT provides a base for an almost limitless variety of demountable equipment, including spray bars or brushes for cleaning operations, front-mounted flail mowers for mowing operations, special equipment for waste transport or sewer cleaning, fire-fighting or military equipment for civil defence, not forgetting snow ploughs and spreaders for winter service operations. Because all these options are not yet enough, Aebi will be presenting another option at the IFAT held in Munich from 30 May to 3 June: The Aebi MT with a semi-trailer.

An interesting vehicle not only for municipalities, freight forwarders, public utility companies, construction firms or forestry engineers looking for an all-wheel drive transporter, which can also be used in confined space. Exhibiting a total permissible weight of 11 tonnes and a payload of roughly 7 tonnes, the Aebi MT with a semi-trailer can carry a lot of load. Its total length including semi-trailer is approx. 12 m. When uncoupling the semi-trailer, the length of the Aebi MT is reduced to 5.3 m. The distinguishing feature is the air brake system fitted as a standard not only in the semi-trailer but also in the Aebi MT. This not only enhances safety, but also allows combination with trailers with a total weight of more than 3.5 tonnes.

However, the Aebi MT with the semi-trailer option is much more than just a transporter. As a semi-trailer truck in combination with the Schmidt TSS, a combined sweeping and spraying unit, it is the ideal partner in winter service, ensuring efficient de-icing operations even in narrow streets or pedestrian walkways. The only thing you still need to do yourself is driving.