Month: April 2016

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Mission clean Hanover

For the staff members of the City Cleaning Department of Abfallwirtschaft Region Hannover (Hanover Waste Management Association), aha for short, the working day starts early. Very early. While many inhabitants of the capital of Lower Saxony are fast asleep, there is already a lot of hustle and bustle at the six locations all over the city. One sweeper after the other leaves the depots with their drivers. About 260 colleagues ensure clean and safe roads in Hanover using sweepers or winter service vehicles – among them a number of Schmidt Swingo sweepers, 21 to be precise.

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Aebi down under

18,760 kilometres of distance or 20 hours of flight time – there is hardly any place in the world which is further away from the birthplace of the Aebi vehicles than New Zealand. Anyone who only associates the “red Ferraris” from Burgdorf with steep mountain slopes and lush alpine meadows would be surprised to learn of all the places across the globe where they are found. The typical Aebi red also shines in quite a few fields down under, and not only there…

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Supremely slim – Aebi MT with fire-fighting equipment

When the fire service is called, every second counts. However, large emergency vehicles often reach their limits particularly in tight little alleyways in old towns or on rough terrain in mountainous regions. These limits can sometimes be life-threatening if emergency workers and equipment cannot get to the scene of an incident quickly enough. By contrast, the 1.70-metre-wide narrow-track transporters Aebi MT750/MT740 (1.60 metre on the Aebi MT720) can maneuver with ease even in narrow little alleys and, with a fire-fighting attachment, it offers the full range of functions of larger emergency vehicles.