Two Schmidt City Jet 3000s now deployed in Hanover

Coffee stains, chewing gum, leftover food – The ground of the reconfigured “Kröpcke” square in Hanover city centre was covered with unsightly mess just a short time after it opened. The reason for this is that when the area underwent refurbishment three years ago, delicate light sandstone was laid and this really does attract the dirt. To make sure the square can gleam with a new splendour – and retain this in the future as well – the city has added two Schmidt City Jet 3000s to its fleet of cleaning vehicles.  They clean the pavement with hot water which is blasted onto the stones at high pressure. The difference is clear to see at the places where the machine has been deployed. Instead of dark-grey paving stones, the stones look almost as good as new once they have been cleaned.

Schmidt City Jet _ Tobias WölkiThe aim was to clean the light paving in the areas of Kröpcke square, Karmarschstraße as far as the market hall, Goseriede, Bahnhofstraße, Schillerstraße and Luisenstraße in an effective, hygienically clean and environmentally sustainable way. It was quickly apparent that conventional dry cleaning measures would not be up to the job of cleansing the areas to an appropriate standard. The City Jet 3000 cleans using water that is at a pressure of up to 280 bar and a temperature of 90 degrees and does not employ any chemical additives at all. A combination of daily dry cleaning and weekly wet cleaning allows even the most stubborn dirt to be removed in an effective and environmentally sustainable way – this was the conclusion from the one-year test that Aha, the waste management company for the Hanover region, has been conducting since May 2015. The street cleaning team initially removed dry coarse dirt. Then it deployed the City Jet 3000 on the area with light paving covering some 41,000 square metres. Whereas with some wet cleaning machines the dirty water is left behind as a residue on the ground, the City Jet also sucks this up as part of the same process and leaves nothing behind but a clean surface.