Flintshire ready for the worst winter weather

Residents of Flintshire, in North Wales, can rest assured that their local authority, Flintshire County Council, is well prepared to deal with icy conditions on the roads this season.

Not only has the council taken on 11 Schmidt Stratos spreaders and snow ploughs from Gulliver’s Truck Hire for this season, but it has also decided to use Aebi Schmidt’s Autologic system. Flintshire County Council has amalgamated all its winter maintenance operations into one depot (rather than running two as it had previously) and has brought drivers into the operation from other services.

The benefits of Autologic, Aebi Schmidt’s route guidance and automated spreading, represent an attractive opportunity to ensure that all routes are completed safely and on schedule. “With roads being so busy these days, the council felt that it was critical to allow their drivers the maximum amount of time possible with their hands on the wheel and not on the spreader controls, as well as the best possible chance to learn the route and not stopping to refer to maps,” explains  Austin Anderson, Business Development Manager (Winter). According to Austin, the council has also noted a significant reduction in salt consumption since using the Schmidt equipment; around 10 tonnes of salt over each schedule. Flintshire County Council has a total of 9,000 tonnes of salt stored and a team of gritters on standby, ready to take to the local roads. Furthermore, the drivers are all now fully trained in winter maintenance. The team covers. 12 priority-one routes across the county, gritting 45% of Flintshire’s roads, one of the highest percentages in Wales.

This new deal strengthens the relationship between Aebi Schmidt, Gullivers Truck Hire and the Welsh council. The company has been closely working with the council in order to programme all the routes into the Autologic system, varying spread dosages and familiarising the team with how to get the best out of the system.