Together to success in Croatia

Successful in-house exhibition at Agro Grom d.o.o

Friday the 13th is considered bad luck? Not for Agro Grom d.o.o, trading partner of the ASH Group in Croatia. Different machines were presented to professional visitors including municipal companies and service providers from all over the country at a customer event in May. The machines including, among others a Aebi MT750 with a Schmidt SYNTOS spreader and a MPC-P 26 snow plough, a Schmidt SK 650 sweeper, a Aebi TT280, a Unimog U423 with a Schmidt SK350 sweeper and a Unimog U530 with a Schmidt Stratos 4,4m3 spreader.

Iva Grom Jug, marketing manager Mercedes Benz Unimog Croatia / Agro Grom d.o.o. was very satisfied with the event. “The safety and cleanliness of traffic areas in summer and winter was the main topic of the day. The interest towards innovative and efficient technologies is high and the response even bigger than initially expected. The presented product portfolio was well received and we had many interesting conversations. With that being said I want to thank all of the participating partners and the team of Aebi Schmidt International without whom such a nice event could never be realized. We look forward to a good cooperation and that we can continually succeed together.”

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