ASH Group in Beijing – Living and working in a global metropolis

David Achermann is on board the ASH Group since 2009, starting off in the area of process and quality management he moved over to take the responsibility for the Asia Pacific area as Area Sales Manager in 2012. Since the 1st of June the native Swiss is in his new office in Beijing, China. The new branch will set the way for further growth of the brands Aebi and Schmidt on the Asian continent.

IMG_3109.jpg“Beijing as a global metropolis has it’s own challenges every day. With it’s own rules and legislation China is not comparable with the Swiss economic environment making Western experiences inapplicable at my new working place. Especially those kinds of challenges appealed to me for this adventure”, explains Achermann. Furthermore, it is exciting to build something new within this dynamic environment.

When David Achermann arrived in Beijing end of October the first time, the temperatures were still mild while the smog hanged heavy over the city: “I already have some first experiences with respiratory masks”, said Achermann. Around 20 million people live in Beijing – heavy traffic and crowds are part of the daily struggle. “However, I appreciate the people here a lot. The average Chinese is kind and very helpful. Elderly people are offered seats in the bus or helped by getting out. If asking for the way one is often accompanied to the exact spot. When the desired product is not available in the shop the seller tries to get it from another shop nearby. I encountered many of those great everyday situations since I live here.”

ASH ChinaThe new office is located in the building complex Chaowai Soho, building A in the middle of Beijing’s financial district. Chaowai Soho is characterised by a mixed usage and contains beside the business offices also space for retail and restoration. However, the former mobile shop needed a facelift before becoming our new office.

“The everyday business can be challenged by the language barrier because even English is often not helpful. Especially when in contact with local businesses and service providers: My pantomimic skills improved a lot since my arrival and if nothing else helps I switch to Swiss German”, Achermann jokes. “But I really appreciate the contact with local business partners.”

Erster Schnee.jpgThe first snow in November turned the city white. “The few centimetres of snow lead to slow-moving traffic. Optimal equipment is missing, that is why the snow is cleared with a lot of muscle power. Yet! I see improvement potential with the help of our technologies – for the winter as well as for the summer service”, said Achermann.