King of the dikes

The Aebi Terratrac is also in high demand on the coast

They were once designed specifically for use in upland farming – the Terratrac implement carriers for steep slopes, a pioneering achievement by the company Aebi from Switzerland. Thanks to its low centre of gravity, optimum weight distribution, low tare weight and stepless hydrostatic drive, the Terratrac is able to tackle even the most demanding slopes safely and with ease.

Aebi TT211_mower_waterboard_019.jpg

Although the highest point in the Netherlands, at 322 metres above sea level, is on a different scale to the Swiss Alps and the term “steep slope” is interpreted slightly differently in the kingdom on the North Sea, the Terratrac still offers plenty of benefits on “flat land” and offers a highly persuasive choice literally on all levels. For example, the Aebi TT211 is used by the water boards of Noorderzijlvest in Eemshaven or Hunze en Aa’s in Termunten on the North Sea. Around 3000 km of dikes need to be managed along the coast in the Netherlands. Responsibility for this rests with the water boards, also known as “Waterschappen”. They are responsible for ensuring that a short and robust grass structure is maintained on the dikes. This protects the dike from erosion caused by wind and water and increases the stability because, if the dike becomes “overgrown”, this endangers the sand core and the layer of sticky clay below it.

Comfortable piece of kit

Aebi TT211_mower_waterboard_023.jpgThe team from the water boards of Noorderzijlvest and Hunze en Aa’s values the Aebi TT211 as a reliable and powerful piece of kit to work with. When travelling in a straight line for miles on end along the dike, the Wipomatik seat ensures a pleasant, upright seated position. The tilt angle is up to 10° and is automatically adapted to the slope. The ability to operate the hydraulics and drive simultaneously with the multifunctional control lever, without needing to reach round, offers a unique level of operating and driving comfort. There is no need to switch gears, and the driver can therefore focus fully on the particular task and terrain. The constant force-locking drive and the significant braking force of the hydrostatic drive enhance the level of safety. Precise, rapid manoeuvring and changes of direction mean in practice a significant increase in the amount of area that can be covered. Thanks to intelligently linked technology, it is possible to activate the all-wheel steering automatically when lifting the front-mounted attachment. This saves time, makes the work simpler, and improves safety. A radio, air conditioning, ergonomic seat, mobile phone holder, and convenient storage compartments add the finishing touch to the comfort that the driver enjoys.

In the summer months, the grass on the dikes must be mown at regular intervals using the Terratrac. It goes without saying that this means windy and inclement weather conditions because people are used to a stiff breeze in the Dutch province of Frisia. It is definitely a real delight to be able to work surrounded by sheep and the sound of the sea – with the Aebi Terratrac, the king of the dikes…

Aebi TT211_mower_waterboard_021.jpg