Completion of an impressive salt silo

Since June 1st. Municipality Rijssen-Holten in the Netherlands has a whopping 500 m³ wooden salt silo. Aebi Schmidt Netherlands delivered this salt silo which is – in this form- the largest in its class in the Netherlands.

Vertical storage

By using the large wooden salt silo, the road salt is stored vertically, which means a minimum use of space for the storage of the road salt. Due to the vertical position of the silo spreaders can be loaded quickly and easily, without requiring a shovel or loading conveyor. When the salt gets delivered, it will go directly from the bulk container into the salt silo. When they need to spread salt on the roads, the driver can easily load the right amount of road salt into the spreader. “Wood is ideal for the storage of salt,” says Jeroen Tijhuis (account manager at Aebi Schmidt Nederland) “due to the hydroscopic properties of the salt the timber of the silo gets as it were preserved”.

Strategic stocks

The silo brings convenience, but even more striking is the size of this storage. Council member Jan Aanstoot said, during the official handover: “Large capacity means that we are capable to prepare better on unexpected and prolonged winter scenes. Thanks to a strategic stockpile of road salt, we can get going on for a longer time period and we are more independent during salt shortage in hard times. “