Intelligent technology that thinks for you

Kuppelungen.jpgIntelligent technology such as linkages, for example, assist the driver of the new Aebi Terratrac in their work and improve safety. With individually programmable buttons on the drive lever, multiple functions and actions can be triggered at the press of a button while you continue concentrating on driving or on quick turning manoeuvres. When the front linkage is raised, the all-wheel steering automatically switches on, for example, or the rear linkage raises as well. Save once, call up automatically. Simple, convenient and reliable!

Just the way you need it.

PTO_rotation_selectable.jpgThe direction of rotation for the front PTO can be selected when a new order is placed for a vehicle, and it can also be changed at any time after ordering with little effort. Existing machine pool and still not an Aebi customer? No problem! The vehicle adapts itself to the operation of our customer. Very simple.

To drive or the be driven

In association with the DMI, you can network the new steep-slope implement carriers and track them during use or let them even drive autonomously.