Anniversary model of WASA 300+ in use in Linköping

2016 means not only “60 years of sweeping technology” for Schmidt. We are also celebrating an anniversary with the towed sweeper  WASA 300+: since March the 100th model is sweeping in the Swedish city Linköping with almost 105.000 citizens. Peter Svanberg manager of Säby Mskin AB has already completed 300 hours of operation with the new machine. He is satisfied with the sweeping performance and capacity of the Schmidt sweeper. The WASA 300+ is used not only for the cleaning of urban areas and streets but also for national roads and highways. Peter Svanberg also values the reliability of the WASA 300+ and its straightforward handling. He is already familiar with Schmidt machines as his fleet contains Stratos spreaders for winter maintenance since 2006. Therefore, it was not a difficult decision to go again for equipment from Schmidt for the new sweepers. We wish Peter Svanberg and his team always clear and safe roads ahead with the Schmidt WASA 300+.