Aebi TT211 with double-blade mower – gentle and clean

The cultivation and maintenance of an ecological area confronts farmers with especially high challenges. These meadows are not only valuable for ecological reasons but also landscape wise and are therefore subject to strict rules concerning the first cut or the type of mowers being used as examples. A perfect combination for this demanding task is the Aebi Terratrac with double-blade mower. This mower is, due to its design, significantly lighter compared to rotary-blade mowers and also the Aebi TT211 convinces with its low weight. Therefore, the impact on the soil can be reduced considerably. Rotary Blade Mowers cut the food via quick-rotating blades. The double-blade mowers cut the plants via scissor-type cuts. This results in a perfectly straight cut that improves significantly the regrow-conditions of the plants. By using a double-blade mower the food is equally deposited on the field. The outcome of this: Excellent drying characteristics and significant reduction of subsequent turnover operations. Furthermore, is the food pollution reduced considerably by using a double-blade mower due to the fact that contamination, e.g. from molehills, is not spread across the food.

Another important factor is that double-blade-mowers treat amphibians and insects with care. The number of badly injured and killed animals during the mowing process is verifiably a multiple when using a Rotary Blade Mower. Last but not least with a double-blade mower there is no risk of solid bodies, e.g. stones being shot around the field damaging machines or even injure humans. The enormously agile and manoeuvrable Aebi TT211 is even suitable for particularly narrow and impassable meadows and guarantees rapidity and comfort at work. Gentle and clean.

Aebi TT211_Doppelmessermähwerk_Sörenberg_006.jpg