Aebi embarks on a new era with electric drive

The new Aebi EC series – 100% electric, 0% emissions

If you always do what you already can do, you will always remain what you already are. As a pioneer of the implement carrier for use on sloping terrain, Aebi is therefore embarking on a new era with the EC170 and EC130 and is expanding the product range of CC, TT, TP and MT to include an agile, environmentally friendly, multi-talented machine which has powerful electric disc motors and can operate on the toughest terrain. The Aebi EC is a manned implement carrier (EC170) or unmanned implement carrier (EC130), with spring-loaded crawler tracks, 1,000 Nm of torque and a lifting force of 200 kg, which can be used on both slopes and flat surfaces.

“With the EC, Aebi is setting an important milestone for a successful future,” says Marco Studer, Aebi divisional manager at the ASH Group. “A pioneer is always one step ahead of its time. Alternative drives undoubtedly represent the future. They are environmentally friendly, economical and highly efficient. Statutory exhaust standards, for example governing CO2 emissions or particulate pollution, are becoming ever stricter. In addition, our customers are becoming more conscious of environmentally friendly technologies and the cost of maintenance. We also see a big opportunity for us to actively join in with the rapid pace of development in the area of electric motors, battery capacity and charging technology because, if you want to shape the future, you cannot wait for tomorrow.”

Exclusively from Aebi – the EC170 and EC130

The Aebi EC is the result of a cooperation between Aebi and the Austrian company Mattro, which is based in the town of Schwaz. As a pioneer in the area of electric mobility and energy concepts, Mattro has been involved since 2006 in the development of environmentally friendly, electric mobility concepts to deliver a viable and sustainable future. Mattro has many years of experience with electrically powered off-road vehicles. Based on the existing Mattro platform which has been used and tested by customers over many years, the Aebi EC170 has now been jointly developed further and optimised for use in agriculture and for municipal applications. The Aebi EC170 and the purely remote-controlled EC130 will be sold worldwide exclusively by the ASH Group. Both machines will be manufactured at Aebi’s factory site in Burgdorf, Switzerland.

The new, compact and flexible way of working

The Aebi EC170 and Aebi EC130 is supplied with power by an efficient lithium-ion rechargeable battery and driven by two powerful electric disc motors. This enables a peak power output of 18 kW, with zero CO2 emissions. The battery gives the machine an optimally low centre of gravity, which has a positive effect on the driving/working characteristics. The large contact surfaces of the crawler tracks and the low weight of the vehicle ensure a very low ground pressure and maximum off-road capability. The attachments turn the Aebi EC into a true multifunctional talent all year round. Whether you want to perform landscaping with a mulcher and cutter bar, with a leaf blower and sweeping brush or do winter maintenance with a snow plough or snow cutter, the Aebi EC170 and Aebi EC130 make it possible.

Aebi EC170 Messerbalken.jpg

Both models are fitted with an 8.7 kWh lithium-ion battery as standard. The range varies depending on which attachment is fitted and the type of use and can be up to 3.5 hours. The machine can continue to be used without any interruption with an additional battery, which can be replaced with just a few simple steps. Batteries delivering 10 kWh are available as an optional extra. Depending on which charger is used, the charging time is 4 or 2.5 hours. The top speed for both models is 20 km/h.

The Aebi EC170 is controlled using a thumb and index finger on a joystick. The handling is very sensitive and precise – whatever the task in hand. Different performance modes and individually configurable driving profiles ensure that work can be done efficiently and with maximum comfort. The EC170 is approved for use on European roads and is therefore the first purely electric implement carrier that can be used on public roads. The rollover protection and the bucket seat with a 4-point harness and permanent-magnet safety brakes ensure maximum safety. Where it makes sense, the EC170 can also optionally be used with remote control.

“The premiere of our new implement carriers at the GaLaBau trade fair in Nuremberg in mid- September was very promising,” summarises Marco Studer. Two Aebi EC170s and an Aebi EC130 attracted keen interest from the visitors to the trade fair. We look forward to an electrifying future and the start of a new era at Aebi, without forgetting our traditional values.”

Aebi EC130.JPG