New Swingos for Marseille

Successful contract the 6th time in a row

The Marseille Provence Metropole (MPM) in France is Swingo customer since the early beginning. The very first compact sweeper has been delivered to Marseille already in 1998, and as of today 70 Schmidt Swingo machines are being used in the French harbour town.

Marseille with about 855.000 inhabitants is the second largest city within France (after Paris) and was Capital of Culture in Europe in 2013. The exceptional nature and cultural heritage, diverse landscapes, a pleasant climate and the modern infrastructure are attracting over 6 million visitors annually. In the historic old town, at the port promenade as well as around the famous pilgrimage church “Notre-Dame de la Garde” cleanliness has therefore the highest priority. Furthermore, campaigns and billboards try to show tourists and residents the right way to deal with waste in the public domain with the aim to prevent heavy pollution of the sea.

In 2016 it was time to renew the sweeper fleet – again with Swingos 200+ from Schmidt. “We are proud to have won this general agreement of delivering up to 30 Swingos over the next three years for the 6th time in a row”, says Franck Fargier, Area Sales Manager at Aebi Schmidt International AG. “MPM is only using 2m3 sweepers from Schmidt for the use of compact sweepers, besides, they also own some Schmidt Cityjet 3000 street washers since the driving comfort, reliability of the Swingos as well as customer service have been convincing over the years.”

MPM Logo.pngThe municipality MPM secures in Marseille the collection of household waste in the whole regions, which is 650.000 tons per year on average. Furthermore, MPM is responsible for the cleanliness of public streets of 18 communities, which is more than 1.850 kilometres of street.

We wish the Marseille Provence Metropole all the best with their new Swingos and good and safe driving.