Large order goes to Copenhagen

30 Swingo 200+ for Svenningsens

The first of about 30 Schmidt Swingo 200+ compact sweeper left the plant in St. Blasien a few weeks ago to go to their new home: the Danish capital Copenhagen. Svenningsens is responsible for road cleaning there, yet with several Schmidt Cleango 500 and SK mounted sweepers in various sizes. Within the next 4 years the remaining Swingo 200+ sweepers will follow. The traditional company Svenningsens, founded already 155 years ago and now run by the sixth generation, is convinced by the high quality and functionality of Swingo 200+. The driving comfort is even praised as “the best on the market”. Also the extended guarantee service was a decisive argument for the purchase.

We are delighted that the team of Svenningsens gives us the confidence (again) and wish them a lot of (driving)fun with the new Swingo 200+.


Source picture: // Jacob Schjørring & Simon Lau