Winter maintenance from Schmidt and SCHMIDT WEISSGRÜN

The specialists for large areas in Baden-Württemberg

Snowplows from Schmidt in St. Blasien are used throughout the world. But you can find them also in the neighborhood, more precisely about 150 km away in Herrenberg-Gültstein, where Schmidt’s Tarron series snowplows are waiting for the upcoming winter.

SCHMIDT WEISSGRÜN GmbH, the specialist for professional winter maintenance on large areas in Baden-Württemberg, clears away snow and lays down salt and grit for walkways and driveways, parking areas of hospitals, retail stores, residential areas and companies, as well as particularly large areas including loading docks for logistics centers and public roads.

To ensure that the motivated team led by Managing Director Markus Schmidt can complete all orders reliably, efficiently and on schedule, the company maintains a modern and state-of-the-art fleet of vehicles. SCHMIDT WEISSGRÜN’s own snow-clearing vehicles are equipped with multi-blade Tarron series snowplows, depending on demand and field of use.

Highly demanding snow clearance of larger amounts of snow

“As a specialist for large areas, we frequently have to cope with enormous amounts of snow. However, the performance of the snowplows from Schmidt’s Tarron series allows us to remove even hard-packed and icy snow. We particularly benefit from the adjustable-height implement plates, which provide us with flexibility when connecting the snowplows to all mounting plates of our various snow-clearing vehicles,” explains the Managing Director of SCHMIDT WEISSGRÜN, Markus Schmidt.

In addition, Markus Schmidt praises the low-noise snowplow, which is very much appreciated by his customers – especially near hospitals and in residential areas. Torsion-resistant steering mechanisms made of plastic and polyurethane blade mounting brackets make it possible to significantly reduce noise.

The numerous impressive advantages of Tarron series snowplows

tarron_claas-arion_web.jpgWhat is more, when it comes to snow removal operations in downtown areas, special curb guards prevent, for example, the plow body from sustaining damage through scraping against curbs and edges. A shock absorber fitted between the blade and the plow body absorbs the sometimes very high tractive force and helps both parts to last longer. Two double active swivel cylinders provide the plow with increased force for switching sides. These reliably secure the Schmidt Tarron in the selected clearing position with no backlash. The patented snow plow lifting system enables the tension-free lifting and lowering of the plow. The powder deflector is made of elastic polyurethane, and uses a patented gap covering method to prevent slush from forcing its way between the blades.

We wish SCHMIDT WEISSGRÜN GmbH a good and safe trip at all times, and hope they continue to enjoy working with our snow plows.