Happy Birthday Unimog!

70 years of Unimog and still going strong

9 October 1946 was the start of the success story of a very special idea which today is very popular with customers all over the world. The birthday child has now been around a bit, but the Unimog is not old in any way! Unimog and Schmidt have been linked by a very special relationship for many decades. Since 1950 the company from St. Blasien has been closely linked to the Unimog and has played a substantial part in helping to ensure that it can be used in many diverse ways thanks to countless newly developed attachments. The first VF 1 snow cutter appeared on the market in 1952 with 85 hp of drive power (separate auxiliary engine) on a Unimog. In 1965 Schmidt designed a snow cutter with a power take-off drive for the Unimog, and 1966 saw the start of the development of the world’s most successful VF 3 snow cutter with an auxiliary engine on a Unimog 900, a number of which are still in use today. Another milestone in the same year was the patent application for the apparatus quick-change device, the basis for the wide range of applications on the Unimog. Any Unimog aficionado will be very familiar with the concept of the Schmidt plate.


Even today, almost 70 years later, Unimog and Schmidt are closely affiliated, whether it be in the area of mounted and attachable sweepers, sand cutter blowers or when it comes to equipping winter maintenance vehicles.

We say “Congratulations Unimog”. We look forward to a successful future ahead – here’s to the next 70 years together!