Snowploughs from the far north for Swiss winter service

They are coming from the far north or to be more accurate from Sundebru, a small municipality in Norway: our Tellefsdal snowploughs. What it takes for an effective and powerful snowplough is as well known in Sundebru as it is for Schmidt in St. Blasien. Since 2016 Tellefsdal is fully owned by the ASH Group and is thereby complementing the broad snow clearing product portfolio. In the upcoming winter season, the first Tellefsdal snowploughs will be able to prove their excellent performance in Switzerland.

For example a Tellefsdal U-3700 mounted on an Unimog U430 which will be used by the PACI SA company in La Chaux-de-Fonds in the canton of Neuenburg. With a maximum width of 3.7 meters the U-3700 is suitable for smaller as well as for bigger areas. The wings on the side can be adjusted hydraulically to a minimum width of 1.83 meters. The solid construction provides maximum performance and a long service life. The attachment is available for Unimog as well as pickups or tractors. In addition to the U-3700 the PACI SA is using a Schmidt Stratos F25L-22 VECN-660 spreader for effective de-icing.

Furthermore, a Tellefsdal VPL-27H is ready for the winter service in the municipality Kirchberg in the canton St. Gallen. Mounted on a wheel loader the staff of the municipality will use it to clear snow off the village square and parking lots which is why the snowplough is required to have a high degree of flexibility. This is enabled in an effective way by the light VPL Vario plough with a clearing width of up to 2.76 meters. Both diagonal and ”Y”- positon can be controlled hydraulically from the driver’s seat. Replaceable wear-resistant steel guarantees optimal results and a long service life. The VPL- and U-Ploughs with clearing widths from 1.5 up to 4.88 meters offer the perfect solution for a wide range of applications and vehicle types while ensuring familiar high level of quality and performance.