More Schmidt Kit for Airport Dublin

WITH a maximum sweeping speed of up to 40km/h and outstanding Glycol recovery capability, the ASC 990 will be used for collecting de-icing media from Dublin airport’s runways, taxiways and stands. The ASC 990 is the second machine of its kind to join Dublin Airport’s fleet.

This means that there are now about 500 of these machines located at hub, regional and military airports around the world since their inception in 1992. They are operating as far East as Shanghai Pudong International Airport in China; West at the José Martí International Airport in Havana, Cuba; the Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic and North in Norway. They are keeping key areas free of foreign object debris (FOD) and preventing injuries to airport and airline personnel as well as damage to aircraft.

wsp_iveco_dublin_02Meanwhile, the WSP 6000 will be de-icing Dublin Airport’s aprons. This machine, which has a maximum spraying width of 20 metres, will be the fourth of its type to work at the Irish airport.

In service around the globe since 1997, the WSP uses projection nozzles to distribute the liquid and achieving an optimum spraying performance (up to 50gr/m²) whilst working in all areas around an airport. A major benefit of this machine is that it is of a modular construction so it is available in different tank capacities (6,000-20,000 litres) and spraying widths (8-24m). The WSP is controlled from within the truck chassis cab by Schmidt’s market leading airport control panel, which is highly respected world-wide for its intuitive operation and large colour screen. All these features contribute to a highly accurate sprayer capable of being mounted onto a variety of carrier vehicles.

Dublin Airport recorded its busiest ever month in July this year when almost 3 million passengers flew through it. Passenger numbers were up 9% compared to July last year.

But not only that, the Irish airport was the fastest growing major airport in Europe in the first six months of 2016 according to new data from ACI Europe, the trade association for European airports.