Aebi EC170 frees soccer fields from snow – efficiently and without emissions

Soccer is an all-season sport, even in the cold season the teams are playing. But as the winter sportsmen in the mountains are looking forward to snowfall, this is problematic for athletes on the green soccer field. Because that means: snow clearing by hand – laborious and time consuming. Until now…

The  soccer club FC Wittenbach in the region of St. Gallen (CH) was looking for a solution to clear the artificial grass of their soccer field from snow before the training or league games as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Aebi EC170 FC Wittenbach.JPGThe solution: an Aebi EC170 with a front brush or a snow blower. In co-operation with Aebi Schmidt Switzerland, the club is now testing the new electrical implement carrier from Aebi in the current winter season on its club grounds. Difficult snow shoveling by hand on the artificial grass field is no longer required. But also apart from the playing field, the Aebi EC can clear snow around the entrance area or on the parking lot.

“The attention of the guests and visitors will be great, I am sure” says Christoph Schönenberger, responsible for the infrastructure and services at the FC Wittenbach. “Especially the futuristic look will evoke astonishment. Even more exciting is the fact that the roughly 400 kg heavy tracked vehicle is electrically driven and does not cause emissions. The driver sits in a heatable sports seat and controls the vehicle with a joystick. The Aebi EC170 can accommodate different tools – in our case, this is a rotary snow blower which will be used with a correspondingly high quantity of snow or a rotating brush which is used when there is less snow. The change of the implements is possible without further accessories and done in a few minutes.”

Kunstrasen Aebi EC170 FC Wittenbach.JPG

The 23 hp electric drive offers the driver four speed levels via color display. The operation of the vehicle is very simple and intuitive. “Due to the modest amount of snow on the Grüntal Wittenbach we were still able to make only basic tests,” explains Christoph Schönenberger. “The use of the brush has already been convincing. The vehicle left a green trace, without affecting the structure or texture of the artificial rasp – as desired. We are now waiting for more snows, so that we can also make first experiences with the snow blower. And last but not least, it is really fun to work with the Aebi EC170. From now on there will be enough volunteers to clean up snow.”

We wish the FC Wittenbach a lot of fun with the new “team member” and much success for the season.

Übergabe Aebi EC FC Wittenbach.JPG

f.l.: Bruno Zemp ( ASH Group), Andreas Kumli (ASH Group), Stefan Huber (Village of Wittenbach), Hansjörg Mathis (President FC Wittenbach), Christoph Schönenberger (Infrastructure & Services FC Wittenbach), Christoph Freund (Maschinencenter Wittenbach)