Deployment at the FIS Ski World Cup in Adelboden for the second year in a row

Following the successful deployment of the Aebi TT280, the organisers of the FIS Ski World Cup in Adelboden once again decided in 2017 to rely on “red” support from Aebi in preparing the slopes for the forthcoming race weekend. This was very much based on the motto of world-leading technology for world-class athletes. The preparations are well underway many weeks before the event. This year, as well as the TT280, which is specifically adapted for use on ski slopes and boasts a crawler track and overhead winch, an Aebi TT211 with a crawler track and snow cutter and the new Aebi EC170 with a snow cutter will also be used.

Ski slopes for the World Cup series need to be extremely hard and compact. Before the surface is watered and thus iced over with the injection bar, a stable base must be created and the volumes of snow must be spread around correctly. If it snows before or on the day of competition, the loose fresh snow must be removed. Whereas the large and heavy snow groomers may damage the sensitive surface of the slope and the large caterpillars can create uneven areas when they change direction, the two Aebi Terratrac can move around without having any negative impact on the sensitive slope thanks to rubber tracks and all-wheel steering. With a clearing width of up to 2.4 metres and with an impressive 109 or 72 horsepower, the Aebi Terratrac are clearly a better option than manual clearance by hand or numerous helpers pushing the snow to the side with skis.

Aebi am Welt Cup Adelboden.jpg

The Aebi TT280 can be secured with its overhead winch to prepare even the steepest slopes and can be deployed with a snow plough, snow cutter or snow sweeper. The specially developed winch includes 320 metres of working cable and is able to pull more than 4 tonnes. The cable is attached to a tree or an anchor point, for example, to secure it. The pivot arm, which can be rotated 360°, enables flexible working on a slope. Just like the TT280, its little brother the TT211 is equipped with special tracks. Both Terratracs are gentle on the surface thanks to their low net weight and the extensive rubber tracks. Equipped with a snow cutter, the TT211 operated in Adelboden ahead of the event to optimally distribute the volumes of snow on the slope and even out any possible bumps in the snow.


The compact Aebi EC170 with a snow cutter also helped to level the ski slope and, as well as being great fun to drive, race director Hans Pieren is also impressed with the level of power and intuitive control. With just a few movements the snow cutter can be swapped for a snow plough or sweeper, and the Aebi EC can clear the snow to one side in the narrow access roads, on footpaths, car parks or in the area of the grandstand. Thanks to its electric drive, the Aebi EC not only operates with absolutely no emissions, but also quietly.

“The two Aebi TT with crawler tracks and the electric EC170 are a big and reliable tool that helps us to make the necessary preparations for the Ski World Cup,” says race director Hans Pieren. “The intuitive control enables the drivers to operate the machines without needing a lengthy briefing; they can simply jump on board and get to work. In addition, the machines can be used both on the slopes and for clearing snow and ice in the town, which is an added benefit.”


According to the weather forecast, fresh snowfall is expected just before the start of the event. So the team led by Hans Pieren will undoubtedly have plenty of work to do before the start of the race on 7 January.


We wish the organisers every success in the final preparations and all athletes a successful weekend on the “Chuenisbärgli”.

Aebi FIS Welt Cup Adelboden.jpg

Left to right:  Race director Hans Pieren, slope manager Toni Hari, and Daniel Germann from the slope team