Aebi supports preparation of the longest Ski World Cup downhill race

With its 4.5 km, it is considered the longest downhill race of the FIS Ski World Cup and is established within the alpine ski racing sport since 1930: the downhill race at the Lauberhorn in Wengen, Switzerland. It takes about 2.5 minutes for the athletes to finish the 1028 meter height difference reaching top speed of up to 160 km/h. Therefore, the team of racing director Robert Lehman is putting emphasis on the condition of the track. Just as the weekend before at the World Cup in Adelboden, the organizational committee in Wengen is counting on the support of the well-established tracked vehicles of Aebi. The Aebi TT280 with crawler tracks and overhead winch is on site together with the Aebi TT211 with crawler tracks and snow blower as well as the new Aebi EC170 with snow blower.

While normality is returning after a successful World Cup weekend at the Chuenisbärgli in Adelboden, the preparation for the next FIS Ski World Cup is in full blast only 30 km beeline away in Wengen. The first training took place already on Tuesday thanks to good snow and weather conditions. However, the track will be perfected until the last minute before the start of the Alpine combination on Friday the 13th at 10.30 am. As it was the case in Adelboden a lot of handwork is demanded since heavy machinery could damage the sensitive surface of the slope reveals Robert Lehmann. The experienced racing director already helped out at the World Cup Race in Wengen when he was still in school in the 1970’s. And yet he never lost the fascination for the longest downhill race of the World. „The slope has to be firm with maximum grip. However, blank ice would be unfavourable. Some parts of the track like the „Hundschopf“ or the „Kernen-S“ are known to every kid in Switzerland. Furthermore, the track is special since it is formed by nature and not artificially built by humans and machinery as it is the case for many other downhill slopes.“


How demanding the task will be at the Lauberhorn race depends on the weather, and it is snowing a lot now, shortly bevor the competition starts on Friday. Wind and snow can result in short nights and long workdays. Working days that are made easier with the support of the two crawler track Terratrac and the electrical implement carrier EC170.

We wish the organisation committee a successful run to the finish line in the preparation and good luck to the athletes and fun at the Lauberhorn on the longest Ski World Cup downhill race.

Aebi EC170 Wengen_Lauberhorn_01.jpg