Free track ahead – the Beilhack HB10 Schneeschlauder at Oberalppass

It has successfully passed its first winter season, the Beilhack snow blower HB10 of the MGBahn at the Oberalpass in Switzerland. In 2015, the 50-year “old lady” was renovated from the ground up in the factory in St. Blasien and handed over to the MGBahn on time before the winter season 15/16 (rean more). The Beilhack HB10 which is named “Tschamut” has been used since then for the demanding snow clearing 2000 meter above sea level. That means: hard work and effort for man as well as for the machine. The railway connection across the Oberalppass can not be stopped even in winter. While it is not possible to drive the overpass by car during the winter months, the train carries many hundreds of passengers every day. Furthermore there is a car train from Andermatt to Sedrun or vice versa. With 2033 meters above sea level, the section of the route at Oberalppass is the highest point of the connection between Zermatt and St. Moritz – a connection which is also used by the famous Glacier Express. Accordingly, large amounts of snow can accumulate there in a short time. With a maximum clearing width of 4.60 meters and a maximum clearance of 3.00 meters, the extendable clearing head of the HB10 provides the necessary dimension to clear the tracks of the snow quickly and efficiently. A diesel engine with 682 KW ensures the necessary centrifugal performance.


Now in 2017, the new year started also with lot of snow. So there was a lot to do for the HB10. But even half a meter of snow in 24 hours, however, does not get the team around the “Tschamut” worked up.

We would like to wish the crew of the MGBahn in the winter time on the Oberalppass always a good ride and free track ahead.