New winter service fleet for Infraestruturas de Portugal

With almost 2000 meters above sea level, Serra da Estrelha is the highest mountain chain in Portugal. There is also located the only ski resort of the country. Winters are very long and the snow extremely hard. That means: particular conditions for the team of “Infraestructuras de Portugal”, which are responsible for the winter service on the roads. Just in time now, when heavy snowfall starts in January, the winter service fleet will be reinforced by a Stratos III spreader and two new Tarron and Cirron snow ploughs. But the highlight for the team is a new Supra 5002 – the queen among the snow cutter blower with its 572 hp (420kW) and a clearing capacity of 5000 tons per hour. Even meters of snow can be cleared in layers – important especially when mountain pass streets has to be opened in high alpine areas. The drivers of the Supra can look forward not only to great power but also to a lot of comfort. This includes the logical and ergonomic arrangement of the control elements, a TFT color display, a central control console for one-handed stearing, excellent all-round visibility for maximum safety, as well as a vibration and noise-insulated 2-person driver’s cab.

The Team of Aebi Schmidt Ibérica S.A. handed over the equipment last week, supported by the local dealer MOFIL, located in Vila do Conde. We wish the team of Infraestructuras de Portugal much fun with their new winter service fleet and always a good and safe trip.