New Swingo compact sweeper for St. Blasien

It probably has the shortest journey from the production line to its new place of work: a new Schmidt Swingo 200+ compact sweeper that is now being used by St. Blasien Town Council to keep the streets clean. There are just a few hundred metres between Schmidt’s factory site and the council depot in St. Blasien. For the ceremonial handover, sales area manager Jörn Kaiser and factory manager Thomas Berger welcomed the local council and mayor Rainer Fritz along with representatives from the council depot, as well as Thomas Winter from Knoblauch GmbH, Schmidt general representative from Immendingen.

From the region. For the region.

The Swingo 200+ with the serial number 5095 is the third compact sweeper to be delivered to customers in the region in the space of just a few weeks. Along with Freiburg and Waldshut, the cathedral town also places its trust in proven quality from its home region. The mayor of the town of St. Blasien, Rainer Fritz, is delighted with the addition to the municipal fleet. “For us as a spa town, it is very important for the town to look clean and well looked after, and the sweeper is therefore a machine that operates every single day. The previous machine, which also came from Schmidt, has performed extremely well for more than 20 years and can now enjoy a well-earned retirement. We are thrilled to continue our working relationship with Schmidt and with this traditional company we are delighted to have such a strong partner by our side supporting us. Schmidt is not just an important employer and company that takes on apprentices in the region, but has also been committed for many years as part of an education partnership with Fürstabt Gerbert School to preparing our young people for the world of work.”

Swingo-fuer-StBlasien_Werksfuehrung_web.jpgDuring a subsequent tour of the factory, factory manager Thomas Berger demonstrated what the production of a modern sweeper involves and how the line has changed as a result of modifications and the introduction of lean management. “What began back in 2000 with the production of the first Swingo compact sweeper has evolved over the last 16 years to become an international success story. But despite another record year in 2016, we cannot just stand still. To make our production processes leaner and more efficient, last years we invested some millions and in 2017 we will again be investing a high amount in the site. Our motto is to be better tomorrow than we are today. We want to continue to grow, and there is still plenty of potential in the sweeper market that we want to exploit to the full.”

Cutting-edge technology from the market leader

With the Swingo 200+, St. Blasien Town Council is trusting the market leader in Germany in the compact sweeper class. The vehicle is equipped with a 2-sweeper system with a weed brush. Thanks to its high suction power, the Swingo 200+ sweeps at a high operating speed and can easily pick up even large amounts of dirt. The large hopper with a system volume of 2m³ means increased area coverage and that a very large amount of material can be swept up. The Swingo 200+ is equipped with the tried-and-tested pressurised water recirculation system, which considerably reduces water consumption by allowing the water which is not bound in the dirt tank to flow via filter screens back down into the dirty water tank. An environmentally friendly, high-performance Euromot 3B diesel engine is also on board. A hand-held suction hose and a noise insulation package add to the features of the Swingo 200+ for St. Blasien.

We wish the team led by depot manager Günter Kleiser lots of enjoyment with the new sweeper and a safe journey at all times.

Swingo für StBlasien.jpg