Beilhack replaces snow blowers in Norway for Bane NOR SF

On behalf of Bane NOR SF, the Norwegian state railway, in November 2016 Beilhack replaced the front attachment and the lifting equipment of a “Beilhack HB12 5013” snow blower that is around 40 years old. Delivered in 1975, the “old lady” has been in operation all around the Mosjøen region ever since. The attachments were assembled at the factory in St. Blasien, and the fitting on the carrier vehicle and the “finishing touches” were then carried out at the customer’s premises in Norway. Three employees from Beilhack ensured that the final assembly work was done swiftly. At the same time, Beilhack delivered, also for Bane NOR SF, a new hood and a roof sweeper for a “Beilhack HB12 5012”, which is also 40 years old and is deployed in the Voss region, in southern Norway. The two snow blowers left the workshops just in time for the winter season and the first snowfalls in Norway, and they have been reliably and powerfully clearing the tracks of snow ever since.

Voss 5012

Mosjoen Hubeinrichtung

Want to know how a snow blower looks like after working the whole night in deep winter? Have a look on this great picture of the Beilhack HB12 5012 at Ustaoset Station in Norway.

Beilhack HB 12 5011 Norway