Safe landing at the 2018 Football World Cup in Russia

Clean runways that are kept clear of snow at all times are an important quality attribute for an airport, particularly during major events which attract increased volumes of traffic, as will be the case at the forthcoming 2018 Football World Cup in Russia. With this in mind, in March 2017 Schmidt organised together with its Russian partner, the company EuroTech, an international conference with the central theme of “Winter and Summer Maintenance at Airports”. The airport association of the CIS countries based in Moscow supported this event.

In 2018, the eyes of the world will be on Russia when football is again played at the very highest level. This will be the second time in the space of four years that such a large-scale sporting event will have taken place in Russia. At the 11 venues spread across the entire country there will be numerous challenges to overcome – one of them is ensuring clear runways at the local airports. To meet this challenge, the Russian airports will be relying, as they did at the 2014 Winter Olympics, on high-quality, reliable and robust clearing solutions.

40 participants from a variety of Russian airports – primarily from the areas of management and technical supervision – had a look behind the scenes of production at Schmidt in St. Blasien. The representatives from the regions of the country that get the most snow know from their own many years of practical experience the high requirements that the harsh and long Russian winter demands from the snow clearing technology.

DSC_0156A_LRSchmidt in deployment
Around 500 Schmidt machines are already deployed right across Russia. They include not just all Moscow airports – Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo, Vnukovo – but also cities beyond the Arctic Circle such as Norilsk, Sochi on the Black Sea coast, Vladivostok in the far east of the country, Tyumen in Siberia and many, many more.

At the country’s largest airport, Sheremetyevo, 17 Schmidt machines (12 CJS and 5 TJS) have been deployed since 2011. “We appreciate the reliability and above-average performance of all Schmidt models,” emphasised a representative of this airport. “The drastic reduction in clearance times from 40 to an incredible 10 minutes thanks to the use of the Schmidt machines really amazes me,” conceded the representative of the other Moscow airport, Vnukovo, at which 26 Schmidt machines are deployed. “Moreover, they impress with their durability and robustness. We use the machines for at least 15 years and this is despite our winter season usually lasting for six months.”

Redefining the standard
In Russia, freezing-cold winter days with tons of snow are nothing unusual. Together with its customers, Schmidt has developed customised solutions to meet these requirements which are today regarded as standard in these regions.

Following a successful visit to the factory site in St. Blasien with lots of happy faces, the participants agree that sharing experiences with a long-standing partner is incredibly important for ensuring that the runways can be cleared of snow and kept clean even more efficiently in the future