Swingo 200+ Koanda picks up the gold medal

The compact sweeper from Schmidt impresses in the innovation competition at demopark

Every two years, cutting-edge technology receives awards in the innovation competition at demopark in Eisenach. This year the Swingo 200+ Koanda from Schmidt won the gold medal. The expert jury was particularly impressed by the unique combination of the pressurised water recirculation system and the Koanda air circulation system. The unique Koanda air circulation system reduces the emission of harmful particulate matter by up to 95%. A large proportion of the air containing dust which is sucked in remains in the suction system and is recycled to the suction nozzle. The removal and the pick-up of the swept debris are improved considerably thanks to the flow energy. The small amount of residual air that remains is cleaned through fine-pored filters. This enables the compact sweeper to sweep with almost no particulate emissions.

At the same time, the new pressurised water recirculation system ensures that there are large amounts of water in the suction system of the Swingo 200+, guaranteeing reliable and low-wear collection of dirt. The optimum water recovery system ensures that resources are handled carefully. The level of water consumed during the sweeping process is reduced significantly. This results in increased machine efficiency as longer sweeping operations are possible and time-consuming stops to top up the water can be reduced. In addition, the Swingo 200+ also benefits from lower noise emissions thanks to its high-performance suction shaft.

“We are delighted to have come first and are proud that with the Swingo 200+ Koanda we are able to offer one of the most environmentally friendly compact sweepers in its class on the market,” says Tobias Weissenrieder, product manager at Schmidt. “The Swingo 200+ Koanda, which previously received the VAK innovation award in 2016, meets the high requirements that local authorities place on a modern compact sweeper. Factors such as particulate emissions and noise emissions in particular are becoming increasingly important in this sector. The innovative Koanda system thus provides real added value for our customers not just financially but also from an ecological point of view.”

Swingo200plus_Koanda__webThe Swingo 200+ Koanda is available with two or three disc brushes and is equipped with a 2.0 m3 hopper for debris – this means a large area can be covered and sweeping can be done over a long period of time. The Koanda air circulation system also enables sweeping to be done at temperatures just below freezing. The compact dimensions and the all-wheel steering of the Swingo 200+ Koanda ensure that the vehicle remains manouevrable, safe and mobile in any situation, while the lowerable chassis also makes it easier to sweep in multistorey car parks and underground garages. The modular design makes it possible to select different suspensions, sweeping systems and steering versions. The Swingo 200+ Koanda is therefore equipped to handle any challenge.