Aebi VT450 Vario transporter with multifunctional special add-on for cablex

cablex is linking together the future of communication, energy and transport. The company ensures, by planning, constructing and maintaining telecommunications networks for Swisscom, for example, that Switzerland remains interconnected. As part of this work, the cables must often be transported over many kilometres to their intended destination – and this is not always easy to get to. The work often takes place on cramped construction sites or on rough or steep terrain, which makes it a real logistical challenge. A flexible, powerful solution that could be used off-road was therefore called for: the Aebi VT450 Vario transporter with a corresponding mountable attachment for a wide range of different applications.

“Due to the very specific requirements and the different attachments, particularly ingenious planning was required,” says Walter Sueess, sales consultant at Aebi & Co. AG Maschinenfabrik. “A vehicle like this cannot just be produced overnight. Following the first meeting with the client, it was vital to find the necessary partners, work with them to develop a concept and then implement the project within the space of a year. Six parties were involved in this assignment alone. Alongside Aebi as the vehicle manufacturer and project lead, these included the companies Walser Schweiz AG in Zizers, Palfinger Krane, Kyburz Maschinenbau AG, Schädler Mulden, and Vetter Plumett AG. In addition, Ruedi Eggler, Aebi dealer, was an asset to the team with his great experience covering all aspects of practical use of these vehicles.”

The result is something to be proud of. The Aebi VT450 Vario for cablex can be used in extremely versatile ways without being complicated. For example, three mounting and attachment areas are available.aebi_VT450_cablex_frontseilwinde A front cable winch is attached to the mounting plate at the front. An interchangeable frame with a hydraulic system for changing the different attachments is mounted on the chassis. The Palfinger PK 9001-EH high-performance crane has a reach of 14 metres and a lifting capacity of 8.7 metric tonnes, and is equipped with a remote-control system. This crane is mounted on a frame with a bridge and 4x support and, thanks to the interchangeable system, it can be dismounted in a very short space of time. The hook lift can also be mounted on the interchangeable system as quickly as the crane is dismounted. The hook lift can then be used for all containers and pallets which are required for use on building sites. A platform is equipped with a special cable unrolling block, which can of course be picked up autonomously with the hook lift. This unrolling block allows cables and lines to be rolled up and unrolled.


If the place of deployment is on such rough terrain that it is necessary for the equipment to be transported by helicopter, this has also been considered. The structure can be dismantled with appropriate speed and split into two parts that can be flown by helicopter. In addition, a tipping body makes it possible to transport all kinds of materials. The VT is equipped with an EU compressed air braking system and a trailer coupling at the rear, and can therefore also be used as a tractor vehicle for a trailer. Equipped with a stepless mechanical-hydrostatic drive (no need to operate a clutch), it can move a payload of up to six tonnes and the power is never interrupted. The torsion with hydraulic blocking between the front and rear end of up to 30° and the hydraulic cross-stabilisation of the rear axle also ensures reliable and outstanding off-road capability. With a clean VM turbo-diesel engine based on the EURO 6 standard, the Aebi VT450 Vario also sets an example when it comes to eco-friendliness and meets even the strict requirements of many car-free communities. Future drivers can also look forward to a high level of comfort, intuitive handling and the best suspension in its class.

Daniel Binzegger, CEO of cablex, and his team were visibly impressed at the handover and first live demonstration at the end of March. We wish the cablex team lots of enjoyment with their new multifunctional piece of equipment and a safe journey at all times.AB_VT450Vari_cablex_03