From Europe to far distant horizons – the Schmidt Street King 660 impresses customers around the globe

In May 2016 the new Street King 660 from Schmidt was launched at IFAT in Munich. It is now time to look back over the past year. This sweeper has not failed to impress customers around the world – from Europe to Saudi Arabia and even to far-off New Caledonia. In the middle of October the first two machines were delivered to the City of Zeitz in Germany’s state of Saxony-Anhalt. Since that time the two Street King 660s have been hard at work in a typical city job – keeping the streets clean in this cathedral city.


In England the Street King 660 has a very special job to do when road surfaces are being renewed. Many chippings remain after the old surface has been removed by a mobile milling machine. But the road must be perfectly clean before the new surface can be laid – child’s play for the powerful suction of the Street King 660. The suction nozzle with an integral cylindrical brush and the powerful fan provide optimal collection of dirt so that increases of up to 15% in working speeds are possible. Thanks to the increased suction performance, the Street King 660 does not have to cover the same ground twice. Another Street King 660 is at work at London Luton Airport for cleaning around the terminal. With this and other orders Schmidt’s truck-mounted sweepers have achieved a successful entry into the UK market.

“We are very happy about the good start that the Street King 660 has made in the UK“, says Tobias Weissenrieder, Schmidt’s Product Manager. “This market is very important for us. Thus the excellent reception this machine has experienced in England as well as in other relevant markets is all the more pleasing. One-off modifications are needed only in rare cases – a fact which demonstrates that the truck-mounted sweeper has been optimally customised to meet the requirements of our customers.”

From the Middle East to the South Pacific
The powerful suction of the Street King 660 has also impressed customers in Saudi Arabia for its street cleaning and sand removal capabilities. The truck-mounted sweeper can be used at temperatures of over 50° Celsius without any problems. A further plus for the machine is the ease with which it can be maintained. This is because all important parts are easily accessible and located in central modules. An on-board diagnostic unit can also be supplied. The net result is that the machine can be quickly maintained and repaired, reducing down-time to a minimum.

Two further Street King 660s will be delivered to New Caledonia in the middle of 2017. The machine stands out from the crowd by the many electronic extras for monitoring performance and activity. Intelligent GPS systems record the routes and sweeping operations undertaken by the machine, thus providing valuable information on the machine’s use and allowing optimisation strategies to be developed.

From a specialised use in England, to sand removal in Saudi Arabia and on to standard local authority use in German cities, the flexible and efficient truck-mounted Street King 660 sweeper from Schmidt is equipped for every task. Its compact design which hides a 7 m3 hopper is impressive. It can therefore also be installed on short wheel base vehicles. This makes the machine agile and mobile, a particular advantage in city traffic – whether on narrow streets or, for example, on roundabouts. The optimal coverage of the brush guidance system also ensures perfect results even around corners. The exhaust air of the Street King 660 can be directed upwards or downwards as required. The driver can therefore react to every individual situation. For example, when sweeping a tree-lined avenue the fan can be directed downwards and to the rear so that the trees are not damaged by the sweeper or lose their leaves.


Innovation Inside – the Evolution Smart operating concept
A further highlight is intuitive and convenient operation with the innovative Schmidt ES operating concept. Particular emphasis has been placed on the machine’s operation with few operating controls so that it is simple and easy for the driver to understand. Many commands are controlled in an automatic process. A number of different sweeping routines can be programmed and then individually amended and saved, depending on the driver and the route. This the driver can concentrate on the street and the traffic without distractions. By using this modern technology Schmidt is taking a decisive step forward for safe and effective street cleaning.

“Neither water or hydraulic pipes are routed through the driver’s cab of the Street King 660” emphasises Tobias Weissenrieder. “The carrying vehicle remains unaffected – something which significantly increases its resale value. Die truck-mounted sweeper is also flexible and therefore can be mounted on a whole range of different truck types. For example in the Moscow metropolitan area in Russia the Street King 660 is at work mounted on a Kamaz.”

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