Fire-Fighter for narrow streets – Aebi MT750 with fire-figther equipment

It moves quickly and very agile even through the narrowest streets of Santiago de Compostela in Spain: the Aebi MT750 with fire-fighter attachment. With 115 kW (156 hp) and a VM turbo diesel engine (Euro 6) with six cylinders, the top-of-the-range model delivers plenty of power on the road. With all-wheel drive including a gear reduction ratio and locking differential, the Aebi MT is also an ideal off-road companion. An ergonomically designed 3-seater or 2-seater cabin provides a very pleasant and comfortable drive. At the same time, the transporter permits high payloads of up to 4,800 kg. A water tank with 1,000 l capacity can be carried along and can optionally be increased to 2,000 l. A high-performance fire-fighting pump with automatic priming can deliver up to 1,000 l of water per minute at 10 bars and 250 l per minute at 40 bars. Two water connections of 45 mm at low pressure and one water connection of 25 mm at high pressure are available. The rear-mounted control panel features a display, a manometer, a working hour counter and activation via CAN-BUS. The demountable equipment is made of anodised aluminium panels with shutters on the sides and at the rear. A flashing light bar with a siren is mounted on the roof of the driver’s cab and a light mast with powerful spotlights can be installed at the rear to illuminate the fire scene. The equipment also includes a portal ladder system, steps for easy access to the equipment, a quick-start system as well as a winch. High-quality hoses, the latest generation of piercing nozzles and water mist extinguishing systems, an electric ventilator and electric generator as well as a chain saw, 3 SCBAs (self-contained breathing apparatus) and various tools are also on board. The special equipment additionally includes a system management for vehicle stability, a bolt cutter, a drone fitted with a camera to record the operation from a bird’s eye perspective as well as a suction pump.