Schmidt Stratos dual chamber spreader for Sankt Gallen

5 Schmidt Stratos D12L-17 VCL-280 dual chamber spreaders were delivered to the city of Sankt Gallen last week by our partner Larag AG . With 675 meters above sea level, Sankt Gallen with about 80,000 inhabitants is one of the highest cities in Switzerland. Snow and ice are often part of the daily business during the winter months. The team of the municipal winter service is correspondingly demanding in terms of the efficiency and functionality of their winter service equipment. Therefore we would like to thank Dalibor Peric, Head of Material Management, for the renewed confidence in Schmidt’s winter service technology.

The Stratos D mountable spreader is especially suitable for de-icing in difficult environments such as mountain regions. The dual chamber mountable spreader, Stratos D enables the simultaneous spreading of different de-icing agents, in changing mixture ratios or separately. Stratos D is available for every vehicle type.

Highly precise dosage and dynamic spreading patterns provide safety for traffic. The dual chamber silo system offers the possibility of spreading thawing, abrasive or mixed de-icing materials from two separate chambers. The two augers operate separately and are directly controllable, providing flexible spreading of the de-icing agents. The hoppers come in sizes ranging from 1.2 m³ to 6.0 m³.