Schmidt CJS-DI – refined with your ideas!

Interview with Development and Product Management

Allow us to introduce the multifunctional jet sweeper which can also be used for de-icing. The concept from Schmidt sets new standards. The Schmidt CJS-DI is a compact jet sweeper with an additional mounted spreader/sprayer which can be customised to reflect your needs.

It very much lives up to its name because the Schmidt CJS-DI combines several operations in one: CJS stands for “Compact Jet Sweeper” and DI for “De-Icing”. Inter airport heralds the birth of the Schmidt CJS-DI, and then the machine will be delivered directly to customers.

Multifunctional jet sweepers are in great demand in the market. Smaller airports in particular have a need for a machine concept that covers all the relevant areas of application for winter maintenance. The Schmidt CJS-DI offers benefits not just in terms of functionality, but from a financial perspective the airports also benefit in a second way. The airport saves having to invest in two machines (jet sweeper and sprayer) by replacing it with a multifunctional combination of machines, whilst at the same time the costs of an additional truck in winter maintenance is spared. The compact machine is also very appealing to medium-sized and larger airports. “The interest from these

airports arises in particular because they benefit from a standard machine/ operating concept and can thus save the costs of two lots of training. Another factor is that the level of flexibility can be massively enhanced when it comes to personnel deployment. The drivers can drive any machine and not have to adjust constantly to different control consoles,” says Theresia Winkler-Flügel, Product Manager for airport equipment at Schmidt. “In addition, the customers benefit from a multifunctional vehicle that can be used all year round – in summer and in winter. The advantages are obvious: on the one hand maximum machine utilisation is achieved, and on the other hand long periods of inaction can be avoided,” she explains further.


Your ideas at the heart of the Schmidt CJS-DI
Despite an ambitious timetable, what was important throughout the development process was to analyse the range of different feedback from the market precisely and implement it. Following the technical feasibility study – an important milestone in the overall process – the project moved seamlessly onto the implementation phase. “The working relationship with Product Management was extremely effective. We had plenty of highquality input. This enabled us to get a precise idea of which properties the Schmidt CJS-DI needed to have,” explains Clemens Schwörer, development engineer for snow clearance.

The modular principle
The machine is built according to the modular principle. This means that, depending on the customer’s requirement, it is possible to choose between a mounted spreader, sprayer or a combined device. The machine is still based on Schmidt’s tried-and-tested airport technology. For example, the machine still impresses in the usual way with supreme clearing performance and the most efficient de-icing thanks to its intelligent assistance systems. The AirportLogic de-icing guidance system massively reduces the amount of de-icing agent used, which minimises the consumption costs. Furthermore, the access to and arrangement of the components has been optimised. This allows the airport to benefit from even shorter servicing times.