Visibility means safety

Light up the dark season when sweeping

Autumn is approaching at an increasing pace. And it will bring with it plenty of gloomy days, fog or darkness when working early in the morning and from the late afternoon onwards. One thing then becomes particularly important: to see and be seen with good visibility. Optimum illumination of the working environment not only helps the driver to identify dirt, obstacles or people better and more quickly. Other road users also become aware of the sweeper at a much earlier stage. These seconds can be crucial.

Cleango_LED_normal.jpgThe longer you or your employees spend working in darkness, the more important it is to have optimum lighting conditions to remain alert and focused. Halogen light makes you tired over a long period of time, whereas LED light increases the level of concentration and enables more precise working. A colour temperature of around 6,500° kelvins produces a level of illumination similar to daylight. If you work under such lighting conditions, you will look after your eyes and stay fit for longer. Schmidt therefore offers the right light packages for Swingo and Cleango sweepers that are suitable for working during the dark seasons.

But is the slightly more expensive LED technology really worth it? We asked an expert. Robert Lehmann, Global Sales Director at HELLA GmbH & Co. KgaA, answers this question with a resounding “Yes”. He says that high-quality LED lights generate a much more intense and above all more homogenous light that resembles daylight – and it is produced from a light source that is a good deal smaller than a standard light bulb. This in turn has a positive effect on the level of concentration of the vehicle drivers. This increases safety at work and leads to better levels of performance. By contrast, conventional light bulbs generate a rather gloomy, yellowy light. Objects such as dirt or obstacles are not spotted or are only vaguely picked up. Another plus point in favour of the energy-saving lights is their robustness. “LEDs are often much more resistant to vibrations and shocks,” explains Lehmann. And not just that: “High-quality LED working lights are usually tightly sealed, which means they offer full protection against the ingress of water or dust.”

As well as increasing safety when working, the potential savings are another plus point for the LED lamps. As well as lower fuel consumption, the material and servicing costs for repairs are lower. This is because high-quality LED lamps have an extremely long service life. Among other things, this is down to the fact that they contain no moving parts and so no mechanical wear takes place, as is the case with conventional lights.

What customers say – testimonial from Berlin’s city cleaning division

swingo_led_webDo the lamps in fact really live up to what their manufacturers promise? Berlin’s city cleaning division ought to know. In 2010, it began to convert its 1600 vehicles over to LED lighting. All newly procured vehicles were equipped with LED rather than halogen, explains Arvid Rüster from the product management team at Berlin’s city cleaning division. The old stock has now also been retrofitted. The verdict: “We are very satisfied,” says Rüster. “The LED lights generate better light for working. The revolving beacons and flashing lights are now also brighter, which means the vehicles are easier to see. For us it has also been financially worthwhile,” concludes Rüster. To cite one example, with each refuse truck Berlin’s city cleaning division saves around 100 litres of diesel a year thanks to the lower power consumption of the LED lights. This is also equivalent to 264 kilograms of CO2.

Choose increased visibility and safety now – promotion weeks at Schmidt

You too can choose increased visibility and safety. Take advantage of our promotion weeks* now and equip your sweeper with LED lights. For the Swingo 200+, the package includes the two working lights on the roof and an LED rotating beacon. If a headlight is fitted on the 3rd brush, this can be replaced separately for an LED working light. The conversion kit for the Cleango 500 contains the two working lights for the sweeper unit as well as two LED rotating beacons. If a headlight is fitted on the 3rd brush, this can be replaced separately. The working lights on the cab roof can likewise be upgraded to LED. Your Schmidt distributor will be happy to advise you.

* Valid until 31.3.2018