Smart city relies on sweeping technology from Schmidt

New Swingo 200+ Koanda and Cleango 500 for Amsterdam

Amsterdam is considered to be a smart city and with “Climate Street”, for example, it initiated a flagship project for the Netherlands as a whole. By 2040, Amsterdam wants to be one of the top cities in the world when it comes to sustainability. In addition, the intention is that by 2025 all public transport should operate without producing any emissions. It is no wonder then that great importance is also attached to efficiency and clean technologies with vehicles and operating equipment used by the municipal works department. The innovative technology of the Schmidt Swingo 200+ with the Koanda system impressed the responsible officials during the most recent tender and Aebi Schmidt Nederland B.V. was delighted to receive a large order. The first equipment is now already in use.

IMG_0655The ideal team – the Schmidt Swingo 200+ Koanda is the perfect answer to meeting the city’s high technical requirements and ambitious environmental targets. The ASH Group also offered a “carefree” package for the entire lifespan of the machines. This was based on a workload scenario and a detailed action plan.

Information at the right place at the right time

The sweepers from Schmidt are continuously monitored while they are operating. This means that any deviations or faults are often already displayed before the driver notices them. The service engineer from Aebi Schmidt Netherlands is then notified immediately, can respond directly and carry out the required service or repairs on the sweeper during the regular service life. The service notifications for regular servicing are likewise automatically forwarded on. This enables efficient planning without interfering with day-to-day operations or any unnecessary downtimes.

The right eye for innovations

The responsible officials in Amsterdam also appreciated the patented “Koanda system” with a pressurised water recirculation system.

The combination of the pressurised water recirculation system and the Koanda air circulation system for which a patent is pending reduces the emission of harmful particulate matter by up to 95%. Combined with a new, intelligent pressurised water recirculation system, the machine becomes even more efficient and eco-friendly than ever before – the need for time-consuming stops to refill water is eliminated, making extended sweeping operations possible.

The pressurised water recirculation system ensures reliable and low-wear collection of dirt thanks to large amounts of water in the suction system. Furthermore, the optimum water recovery system guarantees a compacted and semi-solid debris. The efficient handling of resources is environmentally friendly while the optimum utilisation ot the hopper capacity is ensured.