Schmidt goes Olympia


The “Land of the Morning Calm” is readying itself for the Games, which will be held from 9 to 25 February 2018. Given that passenger traffic spikes during events of this magnitude in particular, it’s an absolute must for any airport of good standing to have snow-free and ice-free runways and taxiways. To ensure absolute safety and punctuality at all times, IIAC (Incheon International Airport Corporation) is adding ten Schmidt TJS 630 jet sweepers to their winter service fleet.

Pyeong Chang, the city hosting the Games, is situated a mere 130 kilometres or so to the east of the country’s capital, Seoul, in the heart of the Taebaek Mountains, the largest mountain range on the Korean peninsula. As a result, virtually every athlete, coach and visitor flying in to the Olympic Winter Games will be landing at Incheon Airport. With over 57 million passengers every year, the airport already counts among the world’s busiest airports. And during the Olympic Winter Games in February 2018, that passenger traffic is set to rise many times over. For this reason, IIAC is extending its existing winter service fleet of twenty-one Schmidt CJS 914 jet sweeper and two Schmidt ASP 24 sprayers by adding ten more jet sweepers – ten Schmidt TJS 630 jet sweepers to be precise. In future, Schmidt winter service machines will be responsible for ensuring that every aeroplane not only takes off and lands on time but, above all, does so safely.

20171017_Customer_Korea_0059_bearbeitet“The Schmidt TJS 630 is a high-performance jet sweeper that delivers incredible clearing performance. It’s also sturdy and clears snow and ice from runways and taxiways in next to no time. As one of the world’s busiest airports, it’s absolutely vital that our runways and taxiways are constantly free of snow and ice. Safety is of paramount importance to us, and, by using Schmidt machines, we can ensure that that not only pilots can safely use our traffic ways but also our employees,” says Soonwoon Kwon, Deputy Director of Airfield Infra-Facilities Team at ILAC. “What’s more, we benefit from the outstanding service and driver training provided by ASH Service. With twenty-one Schmidt CJS 914 jet sweeper and two Schmidt ASP 24 sprayers already in use at our airport, we’re familiar with ASH Group’s high levels of service quality and are glad to have a professional partner at our side to assist us. Our drivers are also full of praise for how very comfortable the machines are to drive and how intuitive they are to operate. The control panels on the new TJS series are identical with those of the CJS, which means our drivers are extremely familiar with the control elements. This also ensures that the jet sweepers can go into operation in little to no time. By not having to provide our personnel with individual training on different machines, we avoid paying double the training costs.”

For Incheon Airport, the ten Schmidt TJS 630 jet sweepers have been fitted with a Schmidt Tarron MS 80.1 K snow plough and counterweights. With a clearing width of around 6.8 metres, the multi-section snow plough delivers effective and super-fast clearing performance, and is perfectly set up for the airport’s heavy traffic requirements. The counterweights provide positive traction.

Let the Olympic Winter Games begin! Incheon Airport is ready!