Aebi MT passes the toughest test that there is

The professional implement carrier at Profen Mine belonging to “MIBRAG” in Saxony-Anhalt

Extreme inclines, water, mud, deep tracks and a deployment that will test any vehicle to its limits. Any vehicle, really? We know of one that can handle even this test of endurance with ease: the Aebi MT750.

The implement carrier with box body attachment is currently being tested at MIBRAG in a mine as a rescue and equipment vehicle. The verdict so far: “ideally suited”.

“Anything that is suitable here can satisfy mining requirements anywhere in the world,” says the team from MIBRAG with confidence. Of course it is not only the vehicle that plays an important role. The servicing and quick repair in the event of a fault are criteria that have an impact on more than 50% of the decision. Our dense service network and the support from qualified distributors at a local level therefore contribute to the success.

The Aebi MT750 has demonstrated to us once more what we have long known: there are almost no limits. Once again, our allrounder has surpassed itself. We will be keen to hear the verdict from MIBRAG following the final testing phase, and are excited about the future of the MT750 in mining.