Making the best even better – new options available for the Street King

The Schmidt Street King 660 is celebrating its birthday. Just in time for the big day and to mark its two-year reign, the modular street sweeper is now available with new options that make it even more efficient. These include the new high-pressure water system, which can increase the sweeper’s operating time by up to 30% as well as reducing particulate build-up. New high-pressure water jets are capable of dealing with even the toughest jobs. Removing leaves has also been made easier than ever before.

DSC_2168There are many reasons to choose a Street King 660 modular street sweeper. Its outstanding sweeping performance, thanks to its rear roller brush, is just one of them. ‘It allows our customers to drive 15% faster without compromising on cleaning,’ according to Product Manager Dominik Kalt. The highly flexible self-supporting frame design is another advantage. ‘Thanks to the frame, we can attach the system to any vehicle approved to carry the weight,’ explains Claus Zumkeller, head of development for modular street sweepers. ‘The high level of customisability and additional options allow the customer to adapt the machine to their precise requirements,’ adds Martin Oberle, a foreman on the modular street sweeper assembly line. ‘There is such a variety of options that we end up building a different configuration here almost every day.’DSC_2185

As good as the technology is, the human element, and the team behind the ‘king’ of modular street sweepers, is yet another selling point. Up to nine employees work on the production line at any one time; they are joined by Claus Zumkeller’s development team, product managers, sales executives, buyers and, last but not least, logistics specialists. The Street King 660 has now been in service for two years with customers all over the world, from Sweden to Spain all the way to New Caledonia. ‘We are delighted at the product’s successful launch and high level of customer satisfaction,’ says Kalt, summarising developments over the last two years.

‘And because you can always make the best better, in 2018 we will expand the range of options for the Street King to give customers even more flexibility and greater performance. For instance, a new high-pressure water system will be introduced at IFAT in May which will extend operating time by up to 30% and improve dust binding to reduce particulate emissions. Waste water is channelled into the suction shaft using a separate waste water pump at the rear of the water tank, then sucked up again and re-treated. This sidesteps the time-consuming process of topping up with fresh water. DSC_2180 The suction tube is also flushed constantly, which minimises the risk of blockages. Another new innovation is the high-pressure water option, which is designed for maximum performance and flexibility. 200 bar at 50 l/min is enough to deal effectively with even the toughest jobs. A spray bar can be mounted on the bumper of the carrier vehicle. Water jets can also be installed behind or in front of the suction shaft, on the feed roller and on the plate brushes. Additional water tanks can be mounted between the driver’s cab and the sweeping system to provide up to 1,000 l of extra capacity. On top of all that, the optional leaf screen cleaner allows the screen to be cleaned simply and reliably with minimum effort. This makes daily cleaning of the sweeper much less arduous for the driver.’



IMG_5861 sweeper