Schmidt CityJet 3030 SW – Thorough, uncompromising wet cleaning

Premier for new street washer made by Schmidt

This high-performance street cleaner, based on the popular Swingo 200+ series, is equipped with a 1,800 l water tank system comprising robust plastic tanks and a washing head which can be swivelled through 30° (left/right). Wet cleaning uses 70 l/min at up to 200 bar. This guarantees effective cleaning even when it comes to stubborn soiling and large amounts of dirt. Its compact dimensions and four-wheel steering make the CityJet 3030 SW a perfect choice for confined spaces, narrow alleyways, pedestrian areas or pavements.

In particularly dry conditions, the CityJet 3030 SW also binds dusts quickly and easily. At the same time, the cleaning water rinses the drains, countering stagnant waste water and the associated odours.

The flexibly controllable high-pressure washing head is a highly efficient tool for cleaning surfaces and removing dirt. The driver can guide the washing head individually and intuitively via ergonomic armrest controls. A telescoping washing head is also available as an option. This facilitates cleaning of a much larger area as well as more flexibility in application. It telescopes 500 mm on each side.

The agile carrier vehicle can reach speeds of up to 50 km/h and thus cover a large radius of operation. The precisely tuned, fully adjustable drive makes for accurate, straightforward operation. In the driver’s cab, the height and angle of the steering column can be adjusted and the steering wheel swivelled, so a comfortable position can be set for drivers of any height. Ergonomically designed controls and a fully air-conditioned cabin make working more comfortable. The control system is operated with one hand via controls in the armrest.