Pioneering sustainability – the city of Thun puts its trust in the eSwingo 200+

The city of Thun (Bernese Oberland) will have electric sweepers from 2019. The eSwingo 200+ not only offers CO2-neutral operation and a lower noise level: “The high suction capacity and general performance, even on challenging gradients, impressed those in charge of the commission,” says Guido Anderhub, Sales Consultant and sweeper expert, who has been working at Aebi Schmidt Switzerland for 44 years. Thun will therefore be the first municipality in Switzerland to use the new electric compact sweepers, which were first presented in May 2018 at the IFAT trade fair. The eSwingo 200+ signals a new era in sweeping technology at Aebi Schmidt. “We offer our customers a high-performance sweeper with a hopper size of 2m³ and two battery packs. A powerful rechargeable battery with a capacity of 75 kWh facilitates runs of up to 10 hours without recharging. The eSwingo 200+ offers a unique combination of efficiency and sustainability. It also enables savings of up to 85% of the energy costs and 70% of the maintenance costs, and the customer benefits from a longer life cycle in comparison to a model with a diesel motor.

With around 44,000 inhabitants, Thun is the 11th-largest city in Switzerland. The late medieval old town with its famous raised pavements, Thun Castle and the lake promenade are visited every year by more than 2 million day-trippers from both Switzerland and abroad. In addition to the eSwingo 200+, the commission includes three Swingo 200+ compact sweepers, which use a pressurised water circulation system and Koanda air circulation system to reduce discharge of harmful particulates by up to 70%. “We are delighted with this commission and with the trust that the city of Thun is putting in our technology,” says Anderhub. “Both the eSwingo 200+ and the Swingo 200+ combine cutting-edge innovation with premium quality. Of course, we will continue to provide our customers with advice and support regarding the new e-technology even after the sweepers begin work. Customers also have no need to worry about the life cycle of the batteries: battery service and diagnosis is carried out by Aebi Schmidt, as are the complementary returns and recycling.”

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