Heidelberg welcomes its first eSwingo 200+

The city cleaning department puts its trust in Schmidt’s electric sweeper

It’s been a consistently popular and highly-valued piece of equipment for years – Heidelberg’s waste management and city cleaning department has been using the tried-and-tested Schmidt Swingo 200+ compact sweeper with its 2 m3 hopper since 2005. The department’s fleet now includes six permanent Swingo 200+ sweepers, which are being replaced with new vehicles after 48 months as per the leasing contract. Each one has 5,400 operating hours on the clock. Michael Kraft, head of the municipal cleaning department, and his team are pleased with their decision. There was therefore a lot of anticipation for the new electric eSwingo 200+ at the IFAT in May 2018: in future, Heidelberg’s city centre will be cleaned using these quiet, CO2-neutral machines.

The eSwingo 200+ impressed the city cleaning team in a number of ways. Their positive experiences with the diesel model’s performance and comfortable driver’s cab with its sophisticated control system from a single source mean that its representatives are looking forward to using the new, identical eSwingo 200+. “The bar was therefore high, so we’re delighted that the eSwingo 200+ concept met our client’s expectations, and are proud to be delivering the first Schmidt electric sweeper to the city of Heidelberg,” says Dietmar Schlicht, Head of Sales at Aebi Schmidt Germany.

The client can look forward to a sweeper that is the equal of the diesel model in terms of performance and functionality. The hopper is 2 m³, and the two battery packs guarantee not only top performance, but also efficient handling. Both the drive and the sweeping unit are propelled entirely by electric power. The use of a single electric motor mounted directly on the rear axle enables a top speed of 50 km/h, providing higher performance and lower maintenance costs than alternative systems. A powerful rechargeable battery with a capacity of more than 60 kWh facilitates runs of up to 10 hours without recharging. Compared to the diesel model, the eSwingo has the advantage of significantly lower noise levels. This is not only better for drivers but also residents, e.g. when the sweeper is used at night or in the early hours of the morning. It also enables savings of up to 85% of the energy costs and 70% of the maintenance costs, and the customer benefits from a longer life cycle in comparison to a model with a diesel motor.

The city of Heidelberg aims to pioneer the switch to innovative technologies, and is supporting not only a transition from individual cars to public transport and cycling, but also alternative drive systems and fuels that help to protect the environment and climate. “With the eSwingo 200+, Heidelberg is ideally equipped for the new electric era. We are proud that our technology has been commissioned, and are certain that it will meet the high expectations it faces. Of course, we will continue to provide our customers with advice and support regarding the new e-technology even after the sweepers begin work. Customers also have no need to worry about the life cycle of the batteries: battery service and diagnosis is carried out by Aebi Schmidt, as are the complementary returns and recycling.”


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