ASH Group at Interairport China

In 2018 it is the 8th International Exhibition for Airport Equipment, Technology, Design & Service in China. inter airport China has entered China for 14 years and has become the largest professional exhibition in the field of airport construction in terms of scale and influence. On this year’s show, September 5-7, 2018 in Beijing, China, more than 200 exhibitors and brands have participated, of which more than 50% are from overseas, and 80 brands for the first time. This edition had indoor and outdoor exhibiting areas, covering all technology and service related to airport, overall displaying this diversified industry at an international level. In addition there are on-site forums that include topics, such as civil airport new energy vehicle technology, terminal facilities, airport construction and development, as well as air traffic control.

sdrHRLC, who is the dealer of the ASH Group in China since many years, prepared the booth for presenting mainly the Schmidt Airport Equipment. With the international flair of the exhibition there were many decision-makers on site when the inter Airport started on Wednesday, September 5th 2018. During the purchase process of airport equipment it is invaluable to keep in touch with operators and winter maintenance staff as well. They all came to have a look what is new on the show. Many airports were visiting the show, for example: Beijing, Shenyang, Harbin, Tianjin, Taiyuan, Xian, Fuxin, Shanghai and others.

Some of the trends that were visible are sustainable vehicle technology, such as electric ground handling and innovative baggage handling systems.

sdrThe Inter Airport in China is a show that is invaluable for the ASH group on the Asian markets to meet the decision makers and keep up with trends on the markets.

All in all the InterAirport China was a great show and many interested customers and airports that showed interest in the products for the first time visited.