Street King 660 impresses in Asia

Modular concept and high quality win over clients in Indonesia

The Street King 660 shows what a successful collaboration between German and Asian engineers looks like. Fitted to a Mercedes Axor truck, four vehicles have been in use since mid-2018 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The highlight:  the modular concept and self-supporting frame offer a high degree of flexibility and nearly unlimited combinations with carrier vehicles from a wide range of brands.  Most of the sweeper was assembled at the St. Blasien factory; further assembly and the final installation took place locally. Together with a local automotive engineer and Aebi Schmidt service specialists, PT Kawan Lama Sejahtera, Aebi Schmidt’s sales partner in Indonesia, built an operational vehicle adapted to meet the requirements of our Asian clients within a very short time frame.

10,730 km lie between St. Blasien and Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, as the crow flies. With a population of almost 19 million, it is the biggest city in Southeast Asia and with almost 30 million inhabitants living in the metropolitan area, Jabodetabek is the second largest urban area in the world. This makes Jakarta an important transport hub.

“The Street King 660 is a flagship sweeper and its suction shaft sweeping roller gives it outstanding sweeping power,” says Ryan Zhao Xin, Sales Manager at Aebi Schmidt China. “One of the largest highway operator company in Indonesia is using the machines on motorways, where efficient cleaning at high speeds is vital. The Street King 660 enables a top speed that is 15% faster than other comparable machines, without impacting sweeping results. Our client, the operator of Kertajati Airport, is also extremely happy with its choice. The Street King 660 is used for cleaning the runways, where high reliability and uncompromisingly thorough cleaning at high speeds are vital. An extra magnet bar at the front picks up small items and foreign objects to prevent damage to the aircraft which could subsequently lead to dangerous situations. The magnet bar is powered by an electronic hydraulic system, meaning that a secondary source of power on the truck is not required. The Street King 660’s self-supporting frame and modular design meant that we were able to meet current regional production integration and emissions reduction requirements. The Mercedes carrier vehicle is produced in Chennai, India. The body and inner parts of the sweeper were manufactured at the factory in St. Blasien, Germany. In cooperation with our local sales partners and Aebi Schmidt specialists, the vehicle conversion and hopper and brush construction were completed in Indonesia. The result is an outstanding high-quality product that delivers top performance at an attractive market price. We are proud of this fantastic machine and convinced that it represents the best product on the market.”