Precision work with 12 tonnes of steel – a milestone for the automotive high-performance snow blower for the Austrian Federal Railways


When the 12-tonne support frame of a Beilhack HB1100S snow blower is placed on the chassis, you not only need a good eye but also a lot of finesse to control the two overhead cranes. Good advance planning is therefore absolutely essential. The experienced team of engineers, master craftsmen and technicians worked expertly on this major milestone to ensure that the implementation was achieved quickly and on the first attempt. After joining the frame and the chassis, the frame was placed on the driver’s cab and the two 790 kW MAN engines. A slewing ring allows the entire chassis frame to be turned by 180° while the chassis stays on the rails. The blower can thus turn on the spot without complicated manoeuvres, making it extremely flexible. This is one of the special features of the HB1100S snow blower, which is being built for the Austrian Federal Railways and will be delivered to the customer in spring 2019. The custom-made blower is one of the most powerful in Europe. The drive is designed for 100 km/h – even on inclines. The clearing width is designed for up to 6 meters of width and 10,000 tonnes of snow per hour. In other words, it is a true powerhouse.

The construction of the second engine and the driver’s cab, as well as the final installation and commissioning, will take place in the coming weeks, before a spectacular loading by means of two mobile cranes on a low loader, followed by transportation to Austria. More to come….