Update: eSwingo goes Thun – watch our video about the 191km journey of the electric sweeper eSwingo 200+

For decades, the Swingo models have been among the most popular and reliable sweepers when it comes to efficient and convenient sweeping in urban areas. Now Aebi Schmidt is offering a fully electric model under the name. The eSwingo 200+ works quietly and emission-free for up to 10 hours on a single battery charge. The first model recently made its way from the factory in St. Blasien in the Black Forest to the Swiss city of Thun – an epic journey!

Rather than transporting the machine to the customer on a standard transportation truck as usual, the first eSwingo 200+ drove to its new owner under its own power – quietly and emission-free. On Thursday, 4th July, the planned two-stage journey began in the Black Forest. After customs at Waldshut, regular breaks, a visit to the depot at Aarau and an overnight stop at the factory in Burgdorf, the machine arrived in Thun on the morning of Friday 5th July, having travelled 191 km and climbed 621 metres in altitude. Overall, the journey lasted just over 10 hours. The total driving time was five hours. Weissenrieder said: ‘Driving this journey in the sweeper not only makes a small contribution toward our drive to reduce our carbon footprint; it also clearly demonstrates that customers can trust the performance of our eSwingo 200+.’

For more information please finde our press release here.